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Knitting In The Morning

At 3 am we got the most hellacious storm. Just the rain would have woken me if I hadn’t been sleeping like crap anyway. No damage to speak of though, so all is good. My corn was tilted a little though. It bounced back quickly thanks to the beans winding around it acting like a stabilizer.

I gave up tossing and turning in favor of checking over things. The lounge chair cushions will take days to dry out. But now I am curled up on my porch with another project. Not that I don’t have a ton to finish. It just felt like a fresh-start moment. The sun is trying to peek through now and if its nicer this afternoon me (and my knitting) will take the kids to the pool.

Happy …what day is it? Wednesday?… Happy Wednesday!
(God I love vacation.) 😀