As if you needed another reason to pick up yarn…

Whether it’s to be creative, or learn a new skill, or just keep your hands busy, there are always good things that can come from yarn. I know in my time knitting and crocheting it seems like I find another benefit (knit-efit?) most every week. So I did a little dance (there are no pictures as far as I know, thank goodness) when a co-worker forwarded me a NYT article by Jane E. Brody that chronicled her own yarn journey and all of the mental and physical health benefits that can be found when you pick up the needles (or hooks). 🙂
Jane confirmed things I’d already discovered for myself about the wonders of crafting but I also learned new things too! So thank you Lena! For showing me this article. Thank you Jane! For presenting this and giving people even more reason to yarn. And a very large thank you to my Grandma and Aunt, for starting me on the yarn path. 

The Health Benefits of Knitting 

By Jane E. Brody

January 25, 2016


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