Stay warm – Keep knitting!


Okay by now the cold weather really isn’t news but I’ll just add my two cents… Holy Crap on a Cracker!! I know I’m not the only one yarning like crazy to keep warm. If I could figure out how to just wear the whole sheep I’d have done it by now.

I am still working through my stash while commuting to various jobs. Today I am making progress on a cute scarf of French braid cables. I love knitting up any kind of cable – they’re so much fun. One thing I have learned with them is keep track of your needles! I don’t like using the smaller cable-needles so I usually pull out an extra double point a size larger. But I have a habit of tucking it in my hair between rows and then forgetting it. Not a bad thing – until you try to put a hat on, or change clothes.. Ow.

In Shop News: I’ve finally opened my Etsy store! This is huge for me not only because it involves putting myself out there (which includes some vulnerability) but also because I’m finally being more proactive. I’m easing into listings and doing a lot of reading, but lately it’s been very little action. So go me! It’s only up from here.

Hope everyone stays safe and warm. And look for JennyInStitches on Etsy – I’d love to help build your network!


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