Inspiration & More Rain

I hope all my US peeps had a great 4th of July and avoided much of the rain. It is still drizzling here and we’re back up to flood warnings. We got wet a few times at the festivities, between the parades, BBQ, and the fireworks but all in all had a good time.

I woke up way too early this morning – I’ve actually been up for a couple hours now – with a monster headache. Not the good kind that can be blamed on too much beer. It’s just all the wet weather, I think. Everyone has some kind of sniffle or cough or sinus crap by now. Welcome to Ohio, right?

But, head explosions or not, I’ve gotten myself out of bed and started the day. Quietly, because no one else seems to have the awake-at-6am problem I seem to come down with. Our dog of course is raring to go and I was half-way considering grabbing the umbrella and taking him out, until he finally noticed the rain and hit the brakes at the front door. Then he gives ME that look that says I’M the nutty one for wanting to go out.


I’m ready to tackle today’s projects now. It will be a good day for cleaning up inside but that won’t start until the sleepyheads are up – sometime around the crack o’noon. Instead, I am catching up online and pawing through my stash for inspiration. I’ve finished the body of the infinity scarf I started last week but it’s not quite there yet. Scratch that, I hate that saying and I’ve somehow absorbed it from my job. Blech.

ANYWAY. I know I want to put a twist in it before I seam up the ends. I am also going to add a sort of free-floating 3D element but I haven’t decided what yet. There is also the join itself, which will get some attention. As usual, I don’t really have a plan and I’m not following a pattern. I just listen to the yarn.

For now I’m still stitching but I may be doing it in a lifeboat!


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