Yes, I have been under a rock.

Here I am, crawling out of lurk-dom to finally get off my butt and post something. I have much updates though so at least this will be halfway interesting. 

Major news item #1:  Queen size blanket is done! I actually finished this up a couple weeks ago – and did a little fist pump cheer in the middle of a cafe. I got a pic of the final stitch, along with a close up of the border, but I was so excited to have it finished that I handed it off with a final picture. Doh! 


I really like the way the edging turned out.


News item #2:  I’ve done so much hooking in these last few months that my arthritis has flared up horribly, but in a new spot now. Seriously, I thought I had dislocated something at first. It’s still possible I suppose. But either way, it’s going to be slow going for a little while. 

News item #3: I used my impromptu hiatus to get the gardens ready and planted. This year’s experiment: corn!  Along with my usual staples; tomatoes, peppers, herbs, beans, etc. Our big girl (she’s 3) wanted carrots so we started those from seed. That’s another first for us. As long as I can keep the animals out of them we might actually get a carrot out of it too. 

And news item #4: This extra time away from the hooks has given me room to work on my spinning projects. My hand still gets tired with the drop spindle but I’ve made good progress on my Berries N Cream spin. I’m not sure yet if I want to ply it with another plain cream yarn but I still have a ways to go yet. I love working with the fibers and feeling the strands come together. Probably a good thing because I went a little nuts at the last fiber fair. I have tons to practice with. 😀


Spinning for lunch


Well I think that’s it for now. With things settling down more I should be more regular with the posts. I am giving myself some time to relax though. It’s sorely needed. I’ve taken to keeping my project journal with me though so I can jot down ideas as they hit me (usually when I’m at work and not allowed to yarn). Got some exciting things planned!

Happy Stitching!


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