Germs, stitches, and knitting lying down.

Another week – another stitch (or twelve dozen).

WIP bedspread

I’m having trouble finding places to stretch this thing out on. I don’t have a queen-size bed, so I’ve had to go by internet research.

The blanket is almost put together. I just have two more sections, and then I need to decide on a border. ._.  I like it. I really do. But I will be happy to cross this one off the list. My biggest (literally) crochet accomplishment.

I am interested in hearing from other fiberistas on this. What is the biggest thing you’ve tackled? What were your thoughts on it? Did you have a sense of accomplishment, relief, giddiness, or something else?

I guess I’m a little maudlin on the subject right now because I’ve been sick for a few days. I’ve missed work from both jobs and lost almost five pounds already. If it weren’t for the illness and general cruddy feeling, this would be a great quickie diet. In my more lucid moments when I really didn’t feel like moving but couldn’t stand not doing something, I grabbed whatever needles were close and some scrap yarn and knit a few rows of .. not really sure what. Not something I recommend when you’re at the stage where you fall asleep on a dime, or a knitting needle. I’m feeling better now though. Lots of tea and rest mean I can be mobile for up to twenty minutes without getting dizzy. Progress! It also means that I can sit up and knit. Much safer. 🙂

ON A SIDE NOTE  After delving into this blog-thingy, I think I’ve learned a little more and become proficient in hitting the Publish button. Can I say that after only three posts and a handful of comments? Oh well. I’m going to anyway. I’ve linked my FB account and Pinterest successfully (I think). Later on I will look into themes and more customizing. And if anyone has any suggestions, I’d be happy to here them.


6 thoughts on “Germs, stitches, and knitting lying down.

    1. jennyinstitches Post author

      Hello! Thank you for the kind words. I am a newbie to all of this blogging stuff, so it’s nice to see that I’m not making a total mess of it. And Italy?! How freakin’ cool is that?!?

      As for the blanket, I’ve stitched the last square (was one short) this evening. I should have it put together by the end of the week! Still haven’t decided on an edging though. hmmm…

      Hope you have a lovely week.


  1. knitnrun4sanity

    Sounds horrible. your blanket looks amazing. Now that it is finished what are you doing with yourself? Have you had a bit of grieving? 😉 So what is the project to be?

  2. jennyinstitches Post author

    You know, I did go through a bit of a grieving process when my giant baby was safely with his new mommy. At first there was a kind of mild disbelief but now I think I’m still riding the wave of “what now?” I have bounced around a bit but I have started a nice small project as sort of a baby-step back into yarn productivity. And because I can never focus on just one thing at a time, I am also spinning some merino wool yarn (a half finished project) as well as hooking up a little mesh pouch to hold the solar charger I got for my iPhone.

    I have also sketched out a few more rough ideas, but ADD and two jobs makes progress a real challenge.


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