Do you do what your yarn tells you to?

Hello and welcome to my first blog post. 

My name is Jenny and one of my many life long obsessions is – yarn. Doesn’t matter what kind, where it’s from, or who made it. I have always been fascinated by the possibilities contained in those twisted up bits of fiber. Those lovely loops have been my best friend, my worst enemy, and my closest confidant for more years than I can count. 

I first started with one lonely little crochet hook and my Aunt trying to show me a shell stitch. Since then I have learned to read patterns (both written and diagram), experimented with fibers, and developed things on my own – which is to say that I was probably practicing on some stitch or other, totally messed it up and decided it looked good. Hey – that’s what Freeform is for, right?

I am boosting my on-line presence mainly because I hope to hear from more like-minded Yarnies and share some great fiber tid-bits. Be patient with me here – while I do know my way around a stitch, blogging is new to me, so expect a learning curve. 

Until next time – Stitch like you mean it!


2 thoughts on “Do you do what your yarn tells you to?

  1. keepmeinstitchez

    There’s been many times where I’ve been in a store and I heard some bright, vibrant yarn say “Pssst! Hey you! You know you want me to come home with you.” And it was right. hehehe

  2. jennyinstitches Post author

    It’s true! I’ve lost track of how many times this happens. Oddly enough, I’ve found that the silk blend yarns have the cheesiest pick-up lines. Thought they would be a little more suave. 🙂


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