As if you needed another reason to pick up yarn…

Whether it’s to be creative, or learn a new skill, or just keep your hands busy, there are always good things that can come from yarn. I know in my time knitting and crocheting it seems like I find another benefit (knit-efit?) most every week. So I did a little dance (there are no pictures as far as I know, thank goodness) when a co-worker forwarded me a NYT article by Jane E. Brody that chronicled her own yarn journey and all of the mental and physical health benefits that can be found when you pick up the needles (or hooks). 🙂
Jane confirmed things I’d already discovered for myself about the wonders of crafting but I also learned new things too! So thank you Lena! For showing me this article. Thank you Jane! For presenting this and giving people even more reason to yarn. And a very large thank you to my Grandma and Aunt, for starting me on the yarn path. 

The Health Benefits of Knitting 

By Jane E. Brody

January 25, 2016

Up at 4am…

And I don’t know why. 😐 

Seems as good a time as any to work on another washcloth though. This one in crocheting in sort of a modified brick stitch. It’s going well, and super fast. At least until the dog decided I was done fiddling with yarn and sat on it. 

So here I am at 5am walking the dog…



Stay warm – Keep knitting!


Okay by now the cold weather really isn’t news but I’ll just add my two cents… Holy Crap on a Cracker!! I know I’m not the only one yarning like crazy to keep warm. If I could figure out how to just wear the whole sheep I’d have done it by now.

I am still working through my stash while commuting to various jobs. Today I am making progress on a cute scarf of French braid cables. I love knitting up any kind of cable – they’re so much fun. One thing I have learned with them is keep track of your needles! I don’t like using the smaller cable-needles so I usually pull out an extra double point a size larger. But I have a habit of tucking it in my hair between rows and then forgetting it. Not a bad thing – until you try to put a hat on, or change clothes.. Ow.

In Shop News: I’ve finally opened my Etsy store! This is huge for me not only because it involves putting myself out there (which includes some vulnerability) but also because I’m finally being more proactive. I’m easing into listings and doing a lot of reading, but lately it’s been very little action. So go me! It’s only up from here.

Hope everyone stays safe and warm. And look for JennyInStitches on Etsy – I’d love to help build your network!

Inspiration & More Rain

I hope all my US peeps had a great 4th of July and avoided much of the rain. It is still drizzling here and we’re back up to flood warnings. We got wet a few times at the festivities, between the parades, BBQ, and the fireworks but all in all had a good time.

I woke up way too early this morning – I’ve actually been up for a couple hours now – with a monster headache. Not the good kind that can be blamed on too much beer. It’s just all the wet weather, I think. Everyone has some kind of sniffle or cough or sinus crap by now. Welcome to Ohio, right?

But, head explosions or not, I’ve gotten myself out of bed and started the day. Quietly, because no one else seems to have the awake-at-6am problem I seem to come down with. Our dog of course is raring to go and I was half-way considering grabbing the umbrella and taking him out, until he finally noticed the rain and hit the brakes at the front door. Then he gives ME that look that says I’M the nutty one for wanting to go out.


I’m ready to tackle today’s projects now. It will be a good day for cleaning up inside but that won’t start until the sleepyheads are up – sometime around the crack o’noon. Instead, I am catching up online and pawing through my stash for inspiration. I’ve finished the body of the infinity scarf I started last week but it’s not quite there yet. Scratch that, I hate that saying and I’ve somehow absorbed it from my job. Blech.

ANYWAY. I know I want to put a twist in it before I seam up the ends. I am also going to add a sort of free-floating 3D element but I haven’t decided what yet. There is also the join itself, which will get some attention. As usual, I don’t really have a plan and I’m not following a pattern. I just listen to the yarn.

For now I’m still stitching but I may be doing it in a lifeboat!

Knitting In The Morning

At 3 am we got the most hellacious storm. Just the rain would have woken me if I hadn’t been sleeping like crap anyway. No damage to speak of though, so all is good. My corn was tilted a little though. It bounced back quickly thanks to the beans winding around it acting like a stabilizer.

I gave up tossing and turning in favor of checking over things. The lounge chair cushions will take days to dry out. But now I am curled up on my porch with another project. Not that I don’t have a ton to finish. It just felt like a fresh-start moment. The sun is trying to peek through now and if its nicer this afternoon me (and my knitting) will take the kids to the pool.

Happy …what day is it? Wednesday?… Happy Wednesday!
(God I love vacation.) 😀



Keeping up with the Me

I’ve never really bothered with the whole “keeping up with the Jones” aspect of suburban life. I think it’s 1/2 I Don’t Care and 1/2 So What? – it is the keeping up with my own sense of what I should be able to accomplish that runs me ragged. For some reason my brain thinks that the four hour block I have after job #1 (Mon – Fri) is more than enough to cook, clean, garden, and clean again because teen boys and three year olds are not the tidiest creatures.

I made the most of my Sunday off though. Worked in the garden tilling and weeding and finding all of the little pumpkin sprouts the squirrels were nice enough to leave me. Everything is coming up great – cant wait until harvest time!

Batten down your knitting!

Everyone has been freaking out here, watching the news for info on Stormagheddon 2013. Here’s hoping it isn’t as bad as they’re saying. Not really in the mood for tornado force winds, ya know?  So far it has just been really muggy – hot and sticky – with a lot of heat lightening. 

If you are in the path of this, stay safe!

Yes, I have been under a rock.

Here I am, crawling out of lurk-dom to finally get off my butt and post something. I have much updates though so at least this will be halfway interesting. 

Major news item #1:  Queen size blanket is done! I actually finished this up a couple weeks ago – and did a little fist pump cheer in the middle of a cafe. I got a pic of the final stitch, along with a close up of the border, but I was so excited to have it finished that I handed it off with a final picture. Doh! 


I really like the way the edging turned out.


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Germs, stitches, and knitting lying down.

Another week – another stitch (or twelve dozen).

WIP bedspread

I’m having trouble finding places to stretch this thing out on. I don’t have a queen-size bed, so I’ve had to go by internet research.

The blanket is almost put together. I just have two more sections, and then I need to decide on a border. ._.  I like it. I really do. But I will be happy to cross this one off the list. My biggest (literally) crochet accomplishment.

I am interested in hearing from other fiberistas on this. What is the biggest thing you’ve tackled? What were your thoughts on it? Did you have a sense of accomplishment, relief, giddiness, or something else?

I guess I’m a little maudlin on the subject right now because I’ve been sick for a few days. I’ve missed work from both jobs and lost almost five pounds already. If it weren’t for the illness and general cruddy feeling, this would be a great quickie diet. In my more lucid moments when I really didn’t feel like moving but couldn’t stand not doing something, I grabbed whatever needles were close and some scrap yarn and knit a few rows of .. not really sure what. Not something I recommend when you’re at the stage where you fall asleep on a dime, or a knitting needle. I’m feeling better now though. Lots of tea and rest mean I can be mobile for up to twenty minutes without getting dizzy. Progress! It also means that I can sit up and knit. Much safer. 🙂

ON A SIDE NOTE  After delving into this blog-thingy, I think I’ve learned a little more and become proficient in hitting the Publish button. Can I say that after only three posts and a handful of comments? Oh well. I’m going to anyway. I’ve linked my FB account and Pinterest successfully (I think). Later on I will look into themes and more customizing. And if anyone has any suggestions, I’d be happy to here them.